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Doblin Innovation Tactics Cards


Doblin Consulting was founded in 1981 as the worlds first strategic design planning firm by Larry Keeley. A defining characteristic of Doblin was its application of social science methodology to the solution of business problems through innovation based upon “user-centered insights.”

In 1997 Doblin developed the Ten Types of Innovation model as a further amalgamation of the approaches characterizing design and business management. In 2012 this model was introduced in an article in the Harvard Business Review and became a recognized framework in thinking and planning in innovation strategy. In the following year Doblin’s book “Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs” was published and subsequently developed into the “Innovation Tactics Cards” presented here.

The Innovation Tactics Cards have been added to the toolbox for AY2018 and will be used in the analysis of business model reconstruction and reframing. The cards are used along with the Japanese language versions of the book and Harvard Business Review article in a specialized module or workshop.


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